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Minji Wong empowers individuals to lead at work and thrive in life through individual development and corporate consulting work . With 14 years at Fortune 500 companies like @walmartlabs, Facebook and eBay, she is a professional certified leadership coach and consults with fast-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies to transform workplace culture so that individuals can be at their best. She has worked with people at different pivot points ranging from C-Suite executives to stay at home parents. She specializes in emerging leaders and working parents.

Minji lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children. As an avid runner, she is a Board Member to Girls on the Run, a national nonprofit organization committed to empowering girls to develop confidence and leadership skills that culminates in running their first 5K.

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Your organization is experiencing change through culture, innovation, or growth. You want to create a high-performing team and recognize the foundation of building trust and psychological safety is paramount to success.  

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An intimate and customized leadership experience created by asian american leaders for Asian American leaders by Asian American leaders who actually get it.  

Minji is authentic. She is a master of observation who uses her broad repertoire of frameworks and experience to provide leverage at the confluence of categorical need, organizational culture and personal style.

She is patient and takes time to gain understanding while facilitating the client to do the same. By creating awareness and collaborating on approaches, she creates forward motion and accountability.

She focuses on impact and ensures that you are prepared to have the impact that you want to have and commit to following through.She has challenged me to lean into my blindspots and explore how my own behaviors influence outcomes that I may have otherwise considered externalities. She fearlessly holds up the mirror and will help you do the same.

-Marcus G, VP Salesforce

I had the privilege of working with Minji as part of my company’s Sr. leadership development program. Minji was very organized and thorough in her approach when explaining the various tools and evaluations that I received through the program. In addition, she really pushed me to think about what I want next in my career and ways to hold myself accountable.

I really appreciated her direct approach and felt she challenged the way I thought about my professional development and the obstacles I perceived were in my way. In addition, she was also great at providing me additional resources that allowed me to gain deeper insights about myself.

Through our conversations, I realized that fueling my personal growth can and will look different at this stage of my career and was encouraged by the ideas she shared around how to think about leveraging my skills for future career opportunities. 

-Christine P, Target

Working with Minji on my professional development has been transformational. I experienced *years* of personal growth in each of our sessions, and my only wish is that I had met Minji earlier in my life.

Minji worked with me to identify patterns of behavior that inhibited my ability to become a more authentic, high-impact, and influential contributor to not just the professional workplace, but in all aspects of my life.

I will always credit Minji with the key role she played in accelerating my career growth. 

-Joy L, VP Journalism, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

I have been fortunate to work with Minji over the last 9 months in her executive coach capacity, but the relationship has truly gone beyond that.

Minji really focused on my full self as we worked together to understand true motivations for my actions and how to reach peak performance while achieving personal fulfillment too.

She is diligent, thoughtful and effective, and I'd be glad to recommend her to anyone looking for executive coaching.

-Juanjo F, CMO & COO, Weedmaps 

I’ve been working with Minji for almost a year and even in this short timeframe, I’ve felt a transformative change in not just how I see my career and professional relationships but in my own confidence and approach to my work.

Minji helped me uncover nuances in my working style that were directly tied to norms and expectations I learned growing up as an Asian American woman. Most importantly, she helped me find new techniques to approach my work and working relationships that honored and respected who I am while ensuring I wasn’t inadvertently holding myself back. I highly recommend working with Minji!

-Abigail H, VP of Global Benefits Salesforce 

Minji is one of the most attentive and intuitive individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a keen awareness that makes her dig deeper to understand her clients.

She is direct but with compassion and is incredibly resourceful.

I generally lean away from formal coaching programs but I am extremely grateful to have been partnered with Minji as a part of Target's Leadership Development Program and to have had the opportunity to call Minji my coach over the past year.

 - Tinesha C, VP Target

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